Schott for Blackstock & Weber

Returning to Our Roots with Schott NYC

To kick off our Spring/Summer 2024 season, we decided to partner with the iconic jacket manufacturers at Schott. Since its foundation in 1913, Schott has made a practice of bending the rules—they were the first company to use a zipper on their jackets, and their ‘Perfecto’ biker jacket has epitomized “cool” for the last century. For our take on this legendary piece, we decided to bend some rules of our own. This is the first - ever - unlined Perfecto jacket, meaning every intricate detail of the stitching and piping is on full display, revealed via a heavy-duty two-way zipper custom made for this collaboration. The whole garment is cut from a super thick suede with a rich caramel color, carefully selected for how it will age, weather, soften, fade, and take on character. We finished it off with custom labels and star hardware that alludes to Schott’s place as one of the premier brands in the history of American fashion. Each star was applied by hand using a technique developed specifically for this collaboration, as this placement and style has never been done in Schott’s storied history.

To this day, Schott hand makes each jacket in their factory in New Jersey—which is also the birthplace and home state of Blackstock & Weber’s founder and Creative Director, Chris Echevarria. To us, this collaboration is a story of Two American Icons.. Made in New Jersey.