Blackstock & Weber for Billionaire Boys Clubs' Bee Line

"My introduction to Bape/BBC Ice Cream was a push toward an infatuation with Japanese Streetwear. This was 2005-2006… The colors, the limited nature of the product and the fandom made for something coveted… and if acquired, something that was a unique piece that stood out amongst the crowd. 

It was soon that I discovered it wasn’t all sneakers and all-over print. There was a world of craft and Americana so period precise it almost felt like a costume. Fabrications with their own histories. Manufacturing methods that date back centuries and a group of people working to maintain them to be appreciated by later generations. 

As a Menswear Design student, this became my area of focus. I was spending most of my money on clothes and had a demanding job that helped me pay for school… So I didn’t have the time or money to go to Japan. One day, while at work… an OG put me onto Japanese fashion magazines and told me where to get them. Those magazines were my method of transportation and allowed me to see a side of the globe I had never had the pleasure of visiting. 

Today, those magazines still play that role for me. I think the marketing and tone of this could be an homage to those magazines. Maybe creating our own lookbook that feels like a mix of POPEYE, etc."

— CE

The Bee Line x Blackstock & Weber Loafer will be available on Friday, October 6th at 12pm ET at BBC ICECREAM US Flagships in New York City and Miami, and on on Blackstock & Weber’s website.