3sixteen for Blackstock & Weber

“This is the first collaboration outside of footwear between 3sixteen and Blackstock & Weber. There's some really fucking cool details here, so listen up... I had a pair of really old and dirty [REDACTED] denim that I had been wearing since college. I brought them over to Andrew to have him replicate the fade and color of the denim with a custom wash... After several iterations, factory throwdowns and internal arguments about whether this was even possible, we did it. Now what took me 10 years, you can have almost immediately... but even though you have a 10 year head start... don't treat them lightly... beat the shit out of them... wear them every day and make them your favorites... keep them long or cut them into shorts... Whatever feels right to you is exactly what these are for...”

— CE

The base fabric of the 3sixteen for Blackstock & Weber Chore Coat and Jeans is 3sixteen's 14oz 100xk indigo Kibata denim—woven by Kuroki Mills in Okayama, Japan on vintage Toyoda shuttle looms. The resulting textiles went through a custom washing process to replicate the yellowish-brown tint found in Chris' worn-in raw denim. Finally, the denim was cut to 3sixteen's Classic Tapered pattern (our favorite style of theirs) and finished with custom YKK hardware and a leather patch cut from the same CF Stead suede we used for our collaborative loafers.