Beer of the Week : Noam

On our most recent trip to Paris, I had this beer while having dinner @ Hôtel Costes and haven't stopped thinking about it. Everything from the design outside of the bottle to the crisp taste within had me hooked... So I decided to do some research.

Noam is brewed with hops from the valleys of Hallertau, Bavaria, the beer has a mild taste ‘with a signature herbal base note’, but weighs in at a hefty 5.2 per cent alcohol. ‘It’s a homage to Bavarian Helles,’ says Noah Sheikh, it's Founder. ‘It’s a very fine, pure taste that is much harder to balance than more flavourful blends.’



The bottle design and branding were developed by Acne in Stockholm after budget restrictions ruled out a number of German design companies. ‘After a phone call I was on the plane to Stockholm and pitched them the idea’. ‘I think they just really liked the idea, believed in the vision and were bold enough to take a risk.’ The clear-glass ribbed bottle, meanwhile, is manufactured in Italy and labels are applied by hand. 

Noah Sheikh says he considers Noam’s product less lager than luxury object. ‘It is a new category within the beer market,’ he insists. ‘We envisioned the post-craft evolution. That is the claim for Noam. We see it as a product served next to a champagne.’

You can currently order Noam online. The shipping fee is kind of steep to the US, but totally worth it. 

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